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In 2016, 160 490 hectares were burned in Portugal, more than twice the average area burned in the 2006-2015 decade. Undoubtedly, this reality is a national scourge that, year after year, destroys our forest heritage. Aware of the impact that this problem represents, we resolve to get our hands on the ground and guide our creative potential to solutions that better help forest monitoring and alarm mechanisms. The project SmartForest aims to develop applications for owners of forest parks, for real-time monitoring of their property. Through a network of low-cost sensors we intend to anticipate the environmental conditions conducive to the occurrence of fires and to detect them at the beggining. Through the alerts generated by the system we intend to improve the response time of the combat device protect the economic and natural value of private property. With our applications the owners of forest parks will be able to do the real time monitoring of your property.
Eduardo Henriques
Paulo Nunes
António Brigas
Rui Pedro Maltez

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