Mário Peres
Vodafone Country Manager for M2M/IoT

M2M Country Manager at Vodafone PT
Responsible for the strategy and development of technological solutions IoT of Vodafone Portugal.
Has a vast knowledge in value propositions for smart cities.

Luís Pedro Cardoso
Vodafone Head Consumer Services and Innovation

Vodafone’s Head Consumer Services and Innovation.
An Engineer with experience in the technological industry.
Luis Cardoso is responsible for the service and innovation area where Vodafone Power Lab is managed.

Francisco Alves Viana
Responsible for Vodafone Power Lab

Francisco Alves Viana is responsible for Vodafone Power Lab.
8 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.
Francisco is responsible for the management of Vodafone Portugal APPs portfolio and also for the main projects of support to innovation and entrepreneurship, that includes Vodafone Power Lab.

Vitor Santos
Invited professor at NOVA IMS

invited Assistant Professor at Nova Information Management School of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA IMS) and at Universidade Europeia (UE) teaching "Compilers" , "Information Systems", "Artificial Intelligence" and ”Digital Systems” courses in Computer Science and Informatics Engineering Degrees.
Integrates several national and international conferences scientific committees and has authored several academic publications.
An elected member of the Portuguese Association of Engineers for the 3rd tenure,
Microsoft Portugal Academic Computer Science Program Manager for 8 years.

Marta Passadouro
Science Manager at Institute for Interdisciplinary Research at Universidade de Coimbra

Science Manager at Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (Universidade de Coimbra)
PhD - Center of Neurosciences and Cell Biology of Coimbra

Carlos Cerqueira
Innovation Director at IPN

Carlos Cerqueira is the Innovation Director at Instituto Pedro Nunes, the technology transfer institution form Coimbra University.
In recent years, he was responsible for coordinating more than ten projects for technology transfer and tech-based entrepreneurship, especially in innovation projects, as the Portuguese Universities network GAPI3, or in space industry projets, as the ESA BIC Portugal incubator or the Portugal National Technology Transfer Initiative (PTTI).

Pedro Bandeira
Red Angel

Founder and CEO REDAngels

Nuno Pomar
CIM Coimbra

Coordenador na Comunidade Intermunicipal de Coimbra

Francisco Viana

Marketing Product Manager @ Vodafone

José Diogo Lopes
Rafael Pires
Startup Pirates
Duarte Constantino
Henrique Sim-Sim
Fundação Eugénio de Almeida
Valentim Realinho
Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre
Alexandra Correia
ADRAL - Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo
Luís Rato
Universidade de Évora
Carlos Catarino
ANJE - Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários
Eduardo Marto
Vanda Almeida
Nuno Roso
Vitor Silva
Tiago Pacheco
Catarina Simões
Miguel Garcia
Venture Oak
Clara Gonçalves
Nuno Simões

Partner at Gymboree Play and Music

Luís Dinis

Project Manager at IBM

Daniel Pereira
Mário Peres
Luís Liz
ANJE - Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários

Big Team

Miguel Muñoz Duarte
Paulo Dias
Patricia Cuenca Margüenda
Ana Gagean
Luís Matos Martins
João Carreiro
Nuno Baltazar
Diogo Silva
Vera Chaves
Tomás Archer
Diana Lemos
Inês Murteira
Júlia Gouveia

Juri & Mentores City Challenges

Luís Pinto
CEO at PET Universal

Entrepreneur | Lecturer | Senior Full-stack Developer
Creator PET shelter
CEO PET Universal

Nuno Zamaro
Owner of WISE-U Creativity Fab Lab

former Professional Football player, becomes an entrepreneur in 1998.
Founding partner of Ideiabiba, events company responsible for successes, “Kids on the Moon”, the most internationally famous Portuguese project for children, and design “BUTE”, winner of the National Mobility award in 2007.
Developed the Victor Baía Foundation for his friend and fellow professional in 2003 and created the brand BKI CRUISERS, a bike design art concept which includes models developed for the Spanish Royal Family, among other distinguished foreign and Portuguese.
Responsible for the development of actions to promote VW / SIVA, including the creation of the VW lounge in Optimus Alive festival.
After Ideiabiba’s sale creates WISE-U Creativity Fab Lab to form what really fascinates him, the creative development designed to enhance the idea leaving to the customer the opportunity to get the manufacturer that best preserves the concept and final production on their own budget.

Nuno Costa
Founder at Doisarquitectos

Founder of Doisarquitectos
Architect at NAdA

Hugo Miguel Carvalho
Executive director and Research Director at NeuroIT

Co-founder at NAS - Negócios à (sobre)mesa
Professor at ITAP
President at Toastmasters International

Pedro Moura
Book in Loop

Business Development Manager at Book in Loop

Franco Vingadas Almeida
Crossing Answers

CEO & Founder at Crossing Answers

Rui Nuno Castro
Alpha Coimbra

Co-founder at Alpha Coimbra

Rui Pinheiro
Startup Braga
Alexandre Mendes
Skills Lab
Martinha Sampaio
AI Minho
Ricardo Teixiera
Raphael Stanzani
Connect Robotics
Rita Ferreira
Carlos Lei
Hype Labs

Co-Founder & CEO at HypeLabs

Julio Martins
Hugo Félix
Pedro Pinto
Ricardo Leite
João Silva
Easydiet -MyPocket Nutricionst
Pedro Lopes
Infinite Book
Sandro Vale

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