FI-Sonic, by means of its Smart Sound Stations, S3 units, already provides intelligent audio analytics which are useful to create dynamic real-time noise maps and sound event maps and have the capability of localize and identify a number of different sound events. Localizing sound sources is of vital importance, and applications range from locating traffic accidents to people in-distress or gun shots. This location and identification features can complement the public video surveillance installations. Our interest is now to combine the existing S3 unit with 360 video cameras to create an integrated affordable price audio and video monitoring system of the city. The gather information can be used to oversee and support decision making process in near-real-time on a centralized control room and/or automatically inform the populations and other stakeholders. Moreover, it is expected considerable savings in terms of human resources and equipment, with improvement of security on the streets.
Tiago Oliveira
Pedro Fazenda
João Casaleiro
Sérgio André
Joel Paulo

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