buildtoo Coimbra, Portugal

Differentiating factor

We identified a problem and from our experience we already knew how to solve it. So we have transformed our service into a product: Buildtoo


Founders: Helder Loio, Rita Januário
2 Employees

Differentiating factor

We identified a problem and from our experience we already knew how to solve it. So we have transformed our service into a product: Buildtoo


We are a team of engineers and architects with many years of experience in project management who realized that when any construction starts only three things are guaranteed: • deadlines will not be met, • costs will rocket and in the end, • it will not be as we imagined. We believe that an assertive communication and a simple, up-to-date and appropriate organization of processes can minimize the permanent feeling of uncertainty and dissatisfaction, and increase everyone´s productivity. With this in mind we created Buildtoo! It´s a construction project management software for project managers and investors/owners, a cloud system that provides real-time access to construction scheduling, all the budgets, updated documents, real time photos, the building timeline, real-time messaging, bid request, automatic schedule changes and notifications, construction site diary, mobile access, in fact, everything really important in building. Buildtoo promotes: - cost control: be able to see how your money is being applied with all budgets documented and never miss a payment; - assertive communication: with the "real-time messaging" tool you can chat easily, find old messages and save the most important decisions; - collaboration and time saving: collaborate easily now, with online approvals, orders changes, automatic document generation and easy to use and objective reporting tools; - task tracking: manage your real estate investment and never miss an important update. With automatic schedule shifts and notifications, progressive photos, mobile access and more. We define the perfect project flow chart in 17 phases, that allows organizing and monitoring the desired project, from the scouting to the decoration. And we do not limit ourselves to buildings: roads, dams, and bridges can also be managed with our platform. Buildtoo is a software as a service, available on the computer or on the mobile phone, simple and easy to use, based on a monthly subscription model with different packages.


Desktop • Mobile/Tablet (iOS) • Mobile/Tablet (Android)

Helder Loio

Helder Loio

CEO and Partner


Team Building • Employee Engagement • Engineering • Team Leadership • Mentoring • Creative Vision

Rita Januário

Rita Januário



Currently one of my actions that I consider most important was to build myself up as a woman in tech. About half a year ago I took the offer to integrate a startup and collaborate in the development of their product, brand and company. I took advantage of all the means and resources that were made available, as well as the range of opportunities offered, which allowed me to: participate in the development and implementation, do product and project management, contact investors, participate in fantastic events and meet amazing tech people. An excellent, hard and non-stop team work to grow and scale from Portugal to the World. A new job, in a new area, in which, with the ability to devote the necessary time and energy to the position, I discovered and developed leadership, collaborative, group and communication skills. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is very active, I am part of it, I am a woman in tech working to make things happen and improving the tech industry.


Product Management • Project Coordination • Creative Vision • Communication

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