Do you have what it takes?

Do you think you’re BIG enough to jump in?

There’s no magic potion, but taking a look at the jury’s evaluation criteria may be a BIG help.

BIG team: because union is strength, we will look for teams with various competences and expertises able to execute the project’s idea.

BIG idea: if hunger is the best spice, creativity, originality and innovation are the fundamental ingredients to cook a good a idea - but don’t forget the adequation and approach to the market, reality and current cities’ context.

BIG value: opportunity makes the… vision. In order to find the idea value for the country, we have to understand the society’s need. And make everybody ask “How come haven’t I thought of this before?”

BIG deal: we ask for ideas is business. A good business model may help you testing how your idea can grow, so, find yourself the growth potential and commercial viability and show us your idea is really BIG

BIG work: the road to hell is paved with utopian thoughts. The idea has to be viable and that’s why we’re not going to look only for the strengths and weaknesses of it, but also evaluate more technical, operational and commercial aspects.

Vodafone Next Generation Network: each one for himself and Vodafone watching over everyone. Smart cities live on the technological foundations and your ideas live on creative molecules. And we just can’t wait to see how you’ll be using Vodafone’s Next Generation Network’s potential.


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